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Sarpino’s Pizzeria is coming to Westminster!

Want to win FREE pizza for a year?

Sign up for Sarpino’s Loyalty program below and enter to win pizza for the entire year. By signing up, you will also be the first one to receive Sarpino’s special offers and loyalty perks.

How it works
Ten lucky winners will be selected among those who sign up for Sarpino’s Loyalty program May 1, 2023 - September 30, 2023. The winners will receive a free medium pizza (up to 3 toppings) per week at Sarpino’s Westminster for one year. The offer is valid for carryout orders only.

Terms & Conditions

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Sarpino’s — Real Italian Flavor,
Made with Love and Care.

Why choose Sarpino's

  • Easy ordering online or via mobile app
  • Signature handmade dough and top-quality ingredients
  • Freshly cut vegetables
  • Premium Wisconsin cheese shredded in-store daily
  • Delicious proprietary sauces
  • Open late night and every day of the year
  • Delectable plant-based options available
  • Rewarding Loyalty program
  • Convenient free delivery with no additional service fees

About Sarpino’s

At Sarpino's, we are dedicated to our mission of delivering culinary excellence and providing an extraordinary experience with each and every order. Prepare to embark on a tantalizing journey with our specialty pizzas, accompanied by a diverse menu of Italian-inspired delicacies. Our pizzas are adorned with meticulously selected, top-tier ingredients, including luscious pizza sauce, savory meats, and a harmonious blend of Wisconsin mozzarella and edam cheeses. To enhance the flavor profile, we artfully incorporate the freshest local vegetables, ensuring a symphony of flavors in every bite.

We take pride in catering to every palate, which is why we invite you to explore our enticing new vegan menu. From vibrant salads to delectable vegan pastas and delectably golden-brown calzones, we have curated a delightful selection that will satisfy even the most discerning tastes. And the best part? Ordering directly from gosarpinos.com ensures swift delivery right to your doorstep, completely free of delivery or service fees.

But wait, there's more! Our commitment to culinary excellence is matched only by our unwavering availability. We operate round the clock, 365 days a year, crafting delectable dishes from scratch exclusively for you. Whether you simply can't resist another slice of your favorite Sarpino's specialty pizza or adhere to a lifestyle that calls for unconventional meal times, we are here to accommodate your desires. Rest assured that whenever you choose to indulge, our food is freshly prepared, delivered promptly, and meets the highest standards of quality and safety.